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Welcome to Roller Derby

Welcome to RDA!

Welcome, one and all, to the shiny new Roller Derby Australia website! I will be your host Blockodile Dundee (but you can call me Blockie).

So, what even is this website? Excellent question, fella. The RDA website is whatever we want it to be! I’ll be posting new articles every week that will cover everything from training musings, gameplay, officials stuff, Team Australia updates, gear, derby goings-on from around the country, and (we have to assume) food. But moreover, we want your input. What do you want to read about? Do you have any burning questions? Just want a second opinion on something? Hit us up, and I’ll do my utmost to find some answers and make your dreams come true (a bit). This is, after all, by and for the Australian derby community.

As far as what you can expect from me, here is the first thing you should know:
I’ve played derby at all kinds of levels, and in all kinds of circumstances. When I started playing in 2009, I was a member of a not-overly-competitive league that had barely enough skaters for one full team, and I routinely played games in homemade tutus and face paint. If you’d be so kind as to cast your eyes down yonder, you’ll see a photo of me right before my first game ever, during which I wore toy skates and a $6 bathing suit bottom from Walmart.

The next season my league decided to work to become more competitive and, while we still lost the vast, vast majority of the games we played, it stirred a fire in my belly for fierce competition that I’ve been chasing ever since.

What I’m saying is that different people play different derby for different reasons, and I get that because I’ve BEEN different people, playing different derby for different reasons.

The second thing you should know:
My whole ethos, in derby and in life is 100% accountability at all times – no excuses. We need to take responsibility for every single thing that happens, on the track or off. Sure, we’re obviously not responsible for the things that other people say and do to us, but we are ENTIRELY responsible for the outcome of each and every one of those encounters. In every situation, you choose how you respond. Our reactions to things that happen to or around us are entirely up to us, and are what will ultimately shape the outcome of any situation. That goes for when you get elbowed in the throat and no one goes to the bin, when you don’t make the roster for a game, or any other situation in which it’s easy to feel victimised or to blame someone or something else. If you truly want to be in control of your business, that’s simply not an option. 100% accountability all the time – no excuses.

As well as articles by me, you can expect to read interviews, guest posts, game and tourney previews and recaps, and much (much!) more. Or maybe just a little more; that was a fairly all-encompassing list.

All right, crew; let’s get the ball rolling! Let’s talk about goals for the 2014 season...
Mine is to represent the ever-loving hell out of our country at the World Cup, and I’m going to make that happen by working out like a mofo, bringing 150% to every training, and eating like a Grecian warrior. How about you?

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