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Wallet, passport, skates – check!

I’m reliably informed that our national campaign, building towards next week’s Men’s Roller Derby World Cup, has lasted somewhere between six months and ‘like totally 4eva!’

Six months that began with the Wizards of Aus drawing the curtains on our successful international debut, playing host to New Zealand’s Black Skates, before shifting our sights onto what Ricky Martin would describe as ‘The Cup of Life’, if he actually knew anything about roller derby. The ensuing try-outs, selections, bookings, fittings, fundraisings, trainings, signings, plankings, meetings (you get the drift) have multiplied seemingly exponentially ahead of tomorrow morning’s 6am, Europe-bound departure.

So, here we stand, with our toe stops pressed to the metaphoric jammer line of international roller derby – tickets bought, uniforms printed, pads freshly laundered – “Five Seconds!!”

Today’s first full squad training session in Sydney also served as a first time meet-and-greet for a bunch of us, bringing to the fore what I see as the biggest challenge for each of the fifteen representative squads – how to get a group of talented individuals playing like a talented team.

Personally, I think we’re a lot like Voltron - twenty skaters, coming together from six states, joining up to make some kind of massive quad-skating robo-lion. I’m a bit of the leg. Some of us came from caves, others from underwater volcanoes. But united, our goal is simple – show the world how Australian roller derby kicks mythical 50ft dragon-beast ass…or the derby equivalent thereof. 

And the good news, if today’s session is anything to go by, is that the team set to hit the track in the UK next week, is certainly capable of just that. 

We’ll be checking in again once we’ve made it to Europe, where the plan is to spend five days training, acclimatizing and haggis-ing in Edinburgh, before we reach Thunderdome….or rather, Birmingham.

Please tape My Kitchen Rules for me while I’m away,

Flamin’ Galah

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