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Captain, we need more power!

Last night the Wizards of Aus visited Team Scotland’s ‘Power of Scotland’ side for a vital, pre-tournament warm-up bout hosted at outer Edinburgh’s Grangemouth Sports Complex.

This game served as a final hit-out before Friday’s world cup and provided our side with an opportunity to test our squad under those exciting and often unpredictable elements such as crowd noise, timeouts and seven sets of zebra eyes, watching your every move.

I guess one of the biggest mysteries facing our team was the question of who we actually were as a team. Many of us had played together in the Wizards’ Aug ’13 bout against New Zealand, but our roster now boasted a raft of exciting new players, leaving us with the somewhat daunting task of defining what we, the current generation of Wizards, represented on the track – what were our defaults, were we dynamic, were we capable?

Thankfully, the result was one of resounding positives. Our jammers were lively and disciplined, our defensive combinations found rhythm and momentum and our team, as a whole, found its voice. When we struggled, we worked out ways to respond positively and capitalize. When we earned each successive victory, we enjoyed and celebrated our successes as a team.

And while the 442-81 winning final score didn’t count for all that much in the end, our performances went a long way to continuing to define the character and resilience of our side – a side that now takes a well-earned sense of confidence and momentum towards this weekend’s world cup.

Tomorrow morning we travel to Birmingham where we’re due to start competition the following day. This tournament, consistently referred to as ‘in the distant future’ has suddenly become a ‘day after tomorrow’ predicament and it’s hard to ignore the fact that the proverbial shizzle is about to get real. One half of me wants to practice for the next 48hrs straight and the other half wants to run off into the Scottish Highlands. I figure I’ll split the difference for now and get some sleep.

Evenin’ all,

Photo by: Roaringstorm Photography

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