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Lay back and think of (Team) England

Perhaps the most mind-boggling thing about being part of an event like this is just how common the most uncommon and significant of happenings tend to occur.

On Tuesday the Wizards of Aus played our first bout on international soil, yesterday saw us make the final 8 in the first ever men’s world cup, last night we played the most physically intense game we’ve known and today our nation took on one of the best teams in the world, Team England.

We knew the host nation were going to be hard to beat from the outset – their jammers were potent, their defence was menacing and their home crowds fierce. But our team had proven our ability to match it with the likes of France during day 1 of competition, so we went into the game with an upset in mind.

The early jams were hotly contested, both sides bringing a fast physical game, with points evenly divided throughout the first quarter of game play. However, as the half wore on, Team England’s pressure and well-drilled patience began to take control of the game, affecting a number of heavy powerjams that suddenly blew the score out and took the game away from the Wizards.

I know if I told you it felt a lot closer on the track than the final 338-138 score, you’d say “Yeah, that’s what everyone says”, but it really, actually did! It was a truly amazing game to be a part of and Team England were a particularly delightful bunch of chaps to share it with. And I know you’d be all like “Yeah, that’s also what everyone says”, but it’s the 100% truth as well. Geez, get off my ass already.

Tomorrow we take on Argentina at 9am for a spot in the 5th place final and while we may have come off second best in today’s competition, it’s amazing to know the team is in such high spirits and will be putting every effort into making tomorrow another great date in Australian men’s roller derby.

“Aussie! Aussie! etc….”

Photo by: Roaringstorm Photography

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