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Cooking with Blockie: Bout Day Pancakes

I have it on good authority that these pancakes change lives. That is, a girl came to me one day and said, "those pancakes changed my life." My league has dubbed them "Blockie Pancakes", and they're mad for them. It is really not uncommon for people to come to me at training or message me on Facebook just to say, "I had Blockie Pancakes today!" Honestly, they're super great - they're easy and tasty, and I eat them at least a few times a week.

I'm literally sitting in bed eating them right now. 


The recipe is absurdly easy, and so delicious that when I found it, I made them about 10 times over the course of a week. This probably also had something to do with the fact that they’re stupid good for you, but still seem really decadent.

They have three ingredients. Seriously:

Mash a banana. Stir in an egg, Add a tablespoon of nut butter (generally people use peanut butter, but for my last batch, I used homemade hazelnut butter. For real), some ground cinnamon, and mix it all really well.

Pour them into a pre-heated frying pan (I find them easier to flip if you make them a bit smaller). Similar to regular pancakes, little bubbles will start to form when you need to flip them. They don’t take very long, though.

The awesome thing is that they’re moist and sweet enough as they are, but if you want to add butter or maple syrup, they’re even more delicioso.

They’re the perfect food for derby players, too. Bananas to fend off bruises, and they're full of protein. They’re amazing for breakfast on bout day – I have them with Jalna Greek Style Yoghurt with nuts and cinnamon, and some extra fruit on the side.

Happy tummies and no sugar crashes,


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