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Derby Injury Prevention Program: Update

Injury is one of those words in derby that always looms in the back of the mind, because if it hasn’t happened to you, no doubt it has happened to someone you know. In a sport where a broken bone is almost as frequent as the common cold, there is strange relationship that we have formed with serious injury.

Sure, derby is a tough sport, but for fresh skaters it can be daunting when they see injury advertised or worn like a badge in our community. For some, this may be a way of dealing with a traumatic experience by making it seem less of a burden, or perhaps we see it so often it no longer phases some of us. However, as the national sporting body, Roller Derby Australia is too often faced with the serious side of how injury can impact on skaters, leagues and the sport as a whole.

A study we conducted with Sports Business Partners showed that a large percentage of members see injury as the worst part of the sport, and a key reason why people stop playing. The study also indicated that the number one reason people are reluctant to get involved in the sport is the possibility of getting injured.

For this reason, RDA started to think about what we can do to reduce injury and make our athletes bodies more ready for the game we play. Through an extensive consultation process RDA has been working with our strength and conditioning friends at PropelPerform to develop a program that focuses on derby specific strategies and techniques.

In the coming months RDA will be launching the Derby Injury Prevention Program across the country, inviting all member leagues to take part in training to reduce the risk of injury for skaters. Coaches and team captains from each league will attend the one-day session, focused on strength and conditioning, coaching techniques, recovery and more.

The very first clinic will be taking place in Darwin in May!

In order to make this happen nationwide, RDA is currently looking for host leagues in QLD, NSW, SA, WA, ACT, VIC and TAS. Applicant leagues will need to be members of RDA and answer the questions below. If your league is interested please send responses to by April 28th 2014.

1. Why do you want to host the first ever Derby Injury Prevention Program in your State/Territory (50 words or less)?

2. What venue would you utilize? What is the capacity?

The successful host in each State will receive a one on one session with the course presenter to further enhance their knowledge and explore issues specific to their league.

RDA looks forward to taking the next vital step in improving our sport in response to the community’s feedback. Coupled with the coaching consultation and accreditation that is currently underway, the sustainability of our athletes and our sport will be greatly improved.

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