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Introducing DerbyWest

Exciting things are happening for roller derby in Western Australia where the sport has experienced an incredible amount of growth in recent years that has culminated in the forming of DerbyWest, a committee that is working together in association with SkateWA that aims to foster support for all leagues across the state.

2013 saw the first ever WA roller derby tournament, the 'Boom State Clash', which brought 11 leagues together. Some participants travelled well over 2000kms, with 6 leagues participating in the tourney and a series of challenge bouts including co-ed games.

While DerbyWest’s original goal was to run the event which will now be a regular tournament, broader goals are now in sight for the group which aims to foster co-operation and distribution of funding, knowledge and opportunities for all skaters, officials and associate members.

Some of these opportunities include the training and retention of officials, holding WFTDA camps and bootcamps, and facilitating the support for the increasing membership of skaters who are registered as roller derby skaters in WA, with new leagues forming including Albany Roller Derby League and a new men’s league in Kalgoorlie, the Solid Gold Rollers. Including these newer groups, there are now 12 leagues in WA including Perth Junior Roller Derby.

Overall, DerbyWest is all about increasing the competitiveness of roller derby as a sport and sharing knowledge with leagues who can feel easily isolated due to the size of the state and remoteness from other leagues. Opportunities to help these remote leagues are part of the goals of DerbyWest, which is also interested in co-operating with leagues in the Northern Territory to share resources and create competition across the Pilbara.

Caitilin Dancer, AKA Dirge, is chairperson for DerbyWest and is passionate about promoting the sport in what she believes is “the most awesome, life changing sport in the world”.

“I am honoured to be a part of DerbyWest and I’m looking forward to see how the leagues move forward together within the greater context of SkateWA”.

Working with SkateWA also gives more opportunities for greater co-operation with SkateAU and other skating disciplines. DerbyWest is committed to promoting the discipline and all it has to offer, and is so proud of the achievements that roller derby as a sport in Western Australia has achieved such a short amount of time.

*Image provided by Ishtar Photographics, click here for more.

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