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Team Australia Announcement

Roller Derby Australia is proud to announce that we are officially sponsoring Team Australia 2014. We can’t wait to see these awesome ladies battle it out at the Blood and Thunder World Cup in December this year. Stay tuned over the coming weeks as we profile the team, bring you updates and follow along the official preparations for the tour.

In case you missed the announcement, your Team Australia 2014 is:

Wrenegade 2880 ADRD
Colonel KAOS! 601 ADRD
Kit Cat Krunch 9 Lives ADRD
Chop Chop 117 UBRD
Susy Pow TOP5 Charm City
Bambi von Smash'er 411 CRDL
Shaggle Frock 77 CRDL
ShortStop 6 CRDL
Annabelle Lecter 8 SRDL
Beth Adder 20 SSRG
Brutal Deluxe 76 SSRG
Lil Gee Unit 41 SSRG
Christy Demons 14 UBRD
Freyda Cox 50X SRDL
Blockodile Dundee 411 SSRG
Cookie Cutter 45 SSRG
Dodge&Bolt 58 SSRG
Lady Killer 11 SSRG
Muzzarati 28 SSRG
Polly Crackers 8 SSRG
Rose Ruin 12 SSRG
Bicepsual 10 VRDL
Calamity Maim 4 VRDL
G-Banger 10 VRDL
Mad Mel Arena 505 VRDL
Tiger 782 VRDL
Tui Lyon 88 VRDL

Flamin' Galah Bench Coach VRDL
Slawta Dawta Bench Manager SSRG
Cherry Axe-Wound Tour Manager CRDL


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