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Featured Skater - Team Australia's Susy Pow

Derby Name
Susy Pow

Derby Number


Charm City Roller Girls


How did you get into derby and how long have you been playing?
I got into derby in 2009 because a friend had told me she'd decided to try a new sport. She thought I'd love it so I came along to an early session of Newcastle Roller Derby League. The league had been started a little less than 12mths beforehand but this was their first true Freshmeat intake. I bought skates immediately and haven't looked back.

Highlight of your derby career?
Up until recently, the highlight of my derby career was playing against Team USA at the first Blood & Thunder World Cup for Team Australia. That gleaming moment has been replaced by an experience at WFTDA D1 Playoffs that I am extremely proud of. I wasn't on the initial 14 skaters rostered to skate at Playoffs but was making the trip to support my teammates as a member of our Charter. The night before we were due to leave, a space became available on the team and I relished the opportunity.

During the D1 Playoffs, I managed to end in the top five jammers based on points across the entire tournament. It's a moment I cherish and drives me to work harder at every practice.

What is your personal derby goal?
I want to help my team get to the WFTDA Championships and persevere past Round 1 (it's a knockout tournament) and I want to be renowned for my unique skating ability among queens of the sport (Bloody Mary, Bonnie Thunders, Scald Eagle, etc)

Who is your Derby Idol?
I'm always excited to watch Fifi Nomenon skate. She is crazy and effective and a powerhouse both as a blocker and jammer.

What is the best piece of advice you could give and up and coming derby player?
It's hard work but you didn't sign up to swan around on your skates. You are worth the effort you're putting into this sport.

Thanks to James McDaniel Photography for allowing the use of the featured photo! For more from this photographer, click here.

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