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A Little Update from the Team at RDA

It has been quite a busy few months for Roller Derby Australia.

Since March we have been in lockdown trying to organise some pretty amazing opportunities for Australian derby, and we just thought it would be nice to share some of these workings with you all.

DIPP (Derby Injury Prevention Program)

As most of you now know we have launched the Derby Injury Prevention Program, and the response we have received from the community has been overwhelming to say the least. Injury prevention is something very close to us here; with ever rising insurance claims the impact is sure to hit the purse strings of our members at some stage, so we have tried our very best to come up with a few solutions to prevent this happening. So far the  DIPP is proving to be our knight in shining armour!

As well as rolling this out in all States and Territories before the end of the year, we are in the background with our High Performance Manager working on a model that will see this being an accessible program to all members. Part of this process includes developing a network of experts in each state and territory to help in all aspects of playing this sport including active recovery, rehabilitation, nutrition etc. Let’s just say ‘watch this space’.

Coaching Accreditation

The Roller Derby Australia Coaching Accreditation is coming together quite nicely. We are just about to finalise our last workshop, which will see the end of the consultation period conducted with each state and territory.  From here we will pick 1 – 2 people that participated from each state to create a working committee. This committee will work with us to create an accreditation for our coaches and trainers specifically to the needs you have requested. The best part is that derby has written the first recognised coaching accreditation for Roller Derby ever! WFTDA are even excited about the roll out and look forward to seeing how we set this benchmark for derby internationally.

**The Australian Sports Commission are currently reviewing their coaching guidelines so it may take a while for the course to be submitted, rest assured though we are aiming for the first course to be rolled out in January 2015.


It has been a long while since anyone has heard any official whisperings about the relationship between WFTDA and RDA. Each month RDA and WFTDA have been catching up regarding upcoming events and opportunities for derby in Australia. The WFTDA have been extremely supportive on the Coaching Accreditation and Injury Prevention front which may see further growth in this area. Further to this, we have been working on an exciting opportunity for Australian WFTDA apprentice and member leagues for 2015. We can't give too much away yet, just keep the Queen’s Birthday in June next year free ;)

Team Australia

We are pretty excited to have the opportunity to sponsor Team Australia at the Blood and Thunder World Cup. Apparently we are the first ever governing body in the world to give our team such support. To our international friends this is just as much of a big deal as it is to us, as it paves the way for other countries to follow suit, ultimately injecting more support into the sport on an international stage. We look forward to supporting the girls throughout this journey and are itching in anticipation to see them compete against some of the world’s best! Make sure to follow our weekly skater profiles and news updates as we get a little closer.

Derby Fest

RDA will be working with the organisers of Derby Fest for some awesome derby experiences for 2015. Not only are we sponsoring Derby Fest, but we have teamed up to deliver three regional clinics in Australia with the stops being in NSW, SA and WA. Roller Derby Australia loves the passion that Derby Fest has for growing the skating experience of our Australian skaters and feel this partnership is one that really taps into the grassroots development of our sport, not to mention gives back to the amazing regional leagues we have nationally.

New Merch

As we are heading into winter and the cold air is setting in, we will be launching a new range of merch. Available to purchase at TGSS and our online store, we will now have hoodies and baseball tees as well as a new range of tees. Make sure to visit our stall at TGSS to keep uber warm!

As you can see have quite a bit going on and are continually looking at new opportunities and initiatives to deliver to the sport in consultation with our members and the wider community. These are just the projects that we can talk about now and hope to give you greater insights further in the year.

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