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Featured Skater - Team Australia's Freyda Cox

Derby Name
Freyda Cox

Derby Number

Dirty Tirty

Sydney Roller Derby League

Blocker, Jammer, Coach

How did you get into derby and how long have you been playing?
Circa 2010, me missus (Dirty Rascal) rang me from work one day ranting and raving about "Whip It". She tasked me with finding derby in Sydney and I bought tickets to an SRDL bout the same day. That was it - we Googled, we saw, we were hooked.

Highlight of your derby career?
Oooh so many!!! Can I give you the Top#3!?! Yes!?! Thanks from...

#1 Training/Playing with Gotham at RDx 2013 - Holy New York batman, I'm still working my way up to train like those machines, I mean skaters.
#2 Cheering VRDL on their WFTDA tours - those ladies are such an inspiration.
#3 Making the TeamOz training squad - still pinching myself over that one.

What is your personal derby goal?
Learn absolutely everything and teach it to everyone else in the most engaging, inspiring way possible. "SET EVERYONE UP FOR THE WIN"

Who is your Derby Idol?
Everyone who loves and supports roller derby - 'fo realz - it's like Sophie's Choice! Okay, form if you insist - here's my Top #1's...

#1 Skater: it's gotta be BonDawg Thunderpants (aka Bonnie Thunders). What would her business card read!?!: entrepreneur, coach, captain, WFTDA legend, catwoman!?! She's like the Richard Branson of Roller Derby and I have so much respect for how her brain works and how she makes our brains work too.

#1 Ref: Numb3r Crunch3r - dude she won a scholarship for derby! Amazing!!!

#1 NSO: Cochless Monster - an unsung hero in Australia in my books and always has a smile and hug for you - but not during sanctioned bouts because she's a professional.

#1 Supporter: Ma Wiffffe, Dirty Rascal is the wind beneath my wings and the foot up my arse when I'm complaining. Dirty you are the reason I do the derby and I simply cannot thank you enough.

What is the best piece of advice you could give and up and coming derby player?
If you ask questions - you can find a solution to every single problem you ever encounter in your derby career. Absorb ALL THE ADVICE and then decide which bits work for you. Most importantly though, say THANK YOU to everyone who makes the derby happen.

** A shoutout to Roaringstorm Photography for capturing the great Freyda Cox in action, for more click here.

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