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Featured Skater - Team Australia's Brutal Deluxe

Derby Name: Brutal Deluxe

Derby Number:  76

Age: 37

League: Sun State Roller Girls

Position: Blocker and Jammer

How did you get into derby and how long have you been playing?

I've been playing for about 4 years now, I was a rink rat as a kid and wanted to play in my early 20's when it first formed in Brizzy back in the day. I found a flyer for a freshmeat intake in 2010/11 and it went from there

Highlight of your derby career?

Getting to bout with and against Serelson and Akers at Derby Fest 2014

What is your personal derby goal?

To be the best skater I can be, I feel like I'm always learning and improving so I want to take it as far as I can, representing Australia would be the penultimate for me.

Who is your Derby Idol?

I admire so many skaters for so many different reasons but will always appreciate watching Bonnie Thunders jam, she just makes everything look so effortless.

What is the best piece of advice you could give and up and coming derby player?

To never doubt yourself, and your ability, as doubt is something even the best of us still struggle with.


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