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Featured Skater - Team Australia's ShortStop

Derby Name: ShortStop

Derby Number: 6

Age: 28

League: Canberra Roller Derby League

Position: Jammer/Blocker

How did you get into derby and how long have you been playing?
I started in July 2009 via a work friend. I was invited to her first friends and family game.

Highlight of your derby career?
Skating for Team Australia in the 2011 Blood & Thunder Roller Derby World Cup and being named MVP for my country.

What is your personal derby goal?
To always challenge myself to learn new things and push my boundaries to become better.

Who is your Derby Idol?
Bonnie Thunders. Her drive and commitment to the sport, not to mention her amazing skills are beyond words and she makes me want to work harder to become better.

What is the best piece of advice you could give and up and coming derby player?
Practice, practice, practice.. And then practice some more..

Thanks to Roaringstorm Photography for this action shot of Shorty at TGSS, for more click here!

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