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Team Australia's July Training Session

Words by Cherry

It was another beautiful weekend in Brisbane, the sun was shining, the birds were singing and Team Australia was about to get its butt kicked.  With coach Flamin’ Galah abroad following another successful international campaign with VRDL, the reigns had been handed to bench coach Slawta Dawta.  Slawta brought with her a strong support crew to ensure the squad received the same high level of coaching and training that they have come to expect when attending Team Australia training.

With fitness and strength and conditioning being of the upmost importance in ensuring the squad is prepared for the World Cup, Slawta brought in trainer Zac Buckley (who works with SSRG) to run off skates warm up and cool downs.  Zac’s focus on correct form, warming up and stretching correctly for what the squad was preparing to do meant that the squad had an injury free and focused 12 hours (not to mention the 7:30am Sunday morning start) of intense derby training.

For 2 days Slawta had the team focusing on team work. From tabatta chest pushes to communication drills, offence drills, plants drills, fan drills to scrimmage the focus was on bringing together the squad as a strong and formidable team. Over the course of the weekend the squad went from being some of the most talented skaters in the country to being a team. 

Communication grew from tentative to loud and confident; strong partnerships were formed between skaters who have only ever previously skated against each other; skaters were not only working together but pre-empting and fluidly transitioning with their team mates into each play.  It was impressive, it was inspiring and it was smart derby.  It was everything we could hope for in a national team preparing for the world cup.

Thank you to Steven Craddock for providing the images for this story.

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