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Featured Skater - Team Australia's Tui Lyon

Derby Name: Tui Lyon

Derby Number: 88

Age: 26

League: Victorian Roller Derby League

Position: Blocker

How did you get into derby and how long have you been playing?
I have been playing derby since June 2008. So I am pushing the 6 year mark!! My body feels the strongest it's ever been, I love derby more than anything and I started I figure I have another 10 years in me yet!

Highlight of your derby career?
2013 Playoffs with my team VRDL All Stars was a pretty special experience but I think the best I've ever felt while playing derby was when we beat WASATCH at The Big O earlier in 2013. We had played 8 games in 9 days and it was our second last of the tour, we were all totally exhausted, injured and emotionally burnt out. We came back from over an 80 point deficit to take the victory. I cried the biggest ugliest cry I've ever done, it was an incredible feeling of relief, joy and utmost respect for my teammates.

What is your personal derby goal?
I update my goals reasonably regularly depending on what I feel I need to improve on. I don't tend to set ones like "win the Hydra" for myself because its not S.M.A.R.T. I watch a lot of footage of myself and critically analyse my performance and set them from that. My start of the season goals for this year are to penalise 50% less, be more precise with my backwards blocking, improve my ability to drive from a positional block, and to have more success with last ditch hits when sprinting out the front of the pack. So far I am doing really well with them, after the tour in June I'll pick new things to polish.

Who is your Derby Idol
I don't have one single person that I idolise but I do admire lots of different things about different players.
Smarty Pants coaching style, Serelson's backwards blocking, Polygone's shoulder checks, Hockey Honey's speed control, Mick Swaggers devastating hits and probably most of all....pretty much everything Sexy Slaydie does!

What is the best piece of advice you could give and up and coming derby player?
-Set goals and actually remain accountable to them
-Spend plenty of time working on your strength and fitness
-Take every single opportunity to learn and never say no, you can ALWAYS get better and you are never above any learning experience no matter who is teaching.
Everything is better down there, I promise.

A super shoutout to S.L Dixon for providing us with this image. For more click here.

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