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Featured Skater-Team Australia's Colonel Kaos!

Derby Name: Colonel Kaos!

Derby Number: 601

Age: 27

League: Adelaide Roller Derby

Position: Jammer/Blocker

How did you get into derby and how long have you been playing?

I have been playing for 4 years. I was a bit of a skate park punk and grew up on all sorts of wheeled fun things. Knowing this, my friends took me to a few bouts in 2010 and was totally hooked, I joined the ADRD fresh meat program that same year and haven't looked back!

Highlight of your derby career?

Making the 2014 Team Australia Squad! ^_^.

What is your personal derby goal?

To always challenge myself and be the best skater I can be. I would love to play in this years World Cup and hopefully one day make it to the WFTDA playoffs with my league.

What is the best piece of advice you could give and up and coming derby player?

Skate as often as possible, ask lots of questions, push yourself! Train just as hard on skates as you do off skates, fitness is your friend!

Thank you to Roaringstorm Photography for the use of this epic shot of Kaos! at The Great Southern Slam 2014. click here

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