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Featured Skater- Team Australia's Rose Ruin

Derby Name: Rose Ruin

Derby Number: 12

Age: 27

League: Sun State Roller Girls

Position: Blocker/Jammer

How did you get into derby and how long have you been playing?

Just through the old grapevine. Since 2008 I think. But a lot of that time we didn't know what we were doing down here so it was just learning to skate etc. I remember watching footage of our first bout and jammers didn't actually call it off at any kind of appropriate time for example. We were just happy to be rolling around I think.

Highlight of your derby career?

Um so many I'm sure. Within a derby lifetime you say hello and goodbye to so many great people so hard to pick only one. It's just enjoying what we do I guess with great people and in particular when you pull off something great as a team that you think the only way to do so would be to have our brains wired. Things that stick in my mind was our first ever TGSS, World Cup 2011, and just training sessions or local games with your good mates that makes you warm inside.

What is your personal derby goal?

I guess just to be better. Try to set a good example for the sport also.

Who is your derby Idol?

Ah Bonnie Thunders, say no more. Na, because she is great, she plays hard, smart and clean. Mainly I think because she was my first ever idol and I guess I'm kind of loyal like that too. So she really was the first thing I saw to inspire me, if that's not too corny. But there is so much skill out there it's hard to name a few others, but I definitely admire many more. Mainly just think they are freaks. But they always seem so far away, like it's OK that they are that good because they are from far away. BUT then you look at all the talent Australia has and it kind of makes you feel like much more of an underachiever. So I guess I'll have to add a few from Team Australia on that list as well as a few people I admire from my own home league for their guts, that I don't have and ability to train the way they do, and how they love it. I guess we learn most from the ones closest to us in that way because we can see both the good and bad. What kind of person we want to be and don't.

What is the best piece of advice you could give and up and coming derby player?

Just try, don't be afraid to stuff up. You won't ever let your team down if you keep trying. Don't wear fear, don't let other teams, outside factors mess with your focus and take away from your game. There will always be things you can't control so stop letting them mess with you. Just control you and your attitude toward things. Plus just enjoy every step that you are at along your journey, you never know for what reason and when it may come to an end. Don't take things to heart so much and try not to have any anger about stuff in you. Just doesn't work.

Thank you to Carmen Jay for this amazing shot of Rose Ruin at TGSS 2014- Visit

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