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Featured Skater- Team Australia's Bicepsual

Derby Name: Bicepsual

Derby Number: 10

Age: 30

League: Victorian Roller Derby League

Position: Blocker/Pivot

Highlight of your derby career to date:

Making it to WFTDA Champs with my team! I was also really excited to be selected for the Victorian Vagine Regime team last year - this was the first time I was selected for any team. I love VR and Battle on the Bent Track in Sydney 2013 was an amazing event.

Something interesting about you:

Earlier this year I competed as part of my university’s Cheerleading team. The uniform included a compulsory hair bow.

How did you get into derby and how long have you been playing?

I started skating 3 years go when a friend taught me to skate because  I was injured and couldn't do the circus training I had been doing. I intended to never do contact because I was scared of getting hurt, but I accidentally fell in love with derby.

What are your personal goals for your derby career?

World Domination...

Best piece of derby advice you've received?

Get some skates that fit you.

What would be the best piece of advice you could offer to an up and coming derby skater?

Use SMART goals and write them down. When you can’t do something, try to find a way to break it down into bits that you can learn. Practice a lot, unless you’re injured.

Thank you to Rachel Gedye Photography for the use of this photo 

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