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Featured Skater- Team Australia's Slawta Dawta

Derby Name: Slawta Dawta

Derby Number: 44

Age: 36

League: Sun State Roller Girls

Position: Bench Manager

How did you get into derby and how long have you been playing?

Watched it, loved it, did it! Retired after 5 years and now love supporting from the bench.

Highlight of your derby career?

Soooo many, but my last game was Captaining my team against Gotham, that's up there.

What is your personal derby goal?

I love helping develop players and teams. Watching the growth and those moments when it just clicks for players is something powerful.

Who is your Derby Idol?

Cliche as it might sound but I have a new one every game I watch. Everyone who takes that track deserves that tag.

What is the best piece of advice you could give and up and coming derby player?

There will be fears, tears and joy, embrace it all and continue to challenge yourself.

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