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10 Non-Athletic things every Athlete should do

Words by Grant Jenkins- PropelPerform

1) Thank your Parents

First up, without them, there is no ‘you’. So thank them. Also, thank them for driving you to training. And to competition. And paying for both. And giving up their weekends so you can compete.

2) Have an Athletic Portfolio ready

If you want to compete, even at the junior level, sport has become expensive. So it pays to have some sponsors that can help you. An athlete should have an ‘Athlete Portfolio’ – think of it as resume for your sporting achievements– that you can hand over to any potential sponsor at any time.

3) Have friends that don’t compete in your sport

It’s easy to only hang around those that compete in the same sport as you but it’s better if you have friends outside of that circle that have different interests to you. They will remind you that there is more to life than your sport.

4) Coach a younger athlete (Be their mentor)

Remember how awesome it was when one of the older athletes chatted with you or helped you out? Well, it’s good idea to pass that on to an athlete that is younger than you. Take them under your wing, ask about their training or their performance or invite them to come train with you for a while. They’ll love it and you’ll learn from it.

5) Keep all your doors open

There will reach a time when it’ll be tough to participate in other sports and still improve in your main sport but keep participating in those sports as long as possible. There will reach a time when it’ll be tough to continue with school and still improve your main sport but keep in school as long as possible. You never know what might happen and you’ll never know when it’ll happen so keep all your doors open for as long as possible.

6) Clean and carry your own equipment

I have a rule for all my Athletes: carry and clean your own equipment. This will help keep you respectful and humble.

7) Be so good to your sponsors they want to help you regardless of your results

When was the last time you thanked your sponsors? How did you thank them? Did you pop in and thank them in person so that their customers could what a great job they’re doing? Did you write a hand-written letter and attach a picture so that they can proudly display at their work? However you choose to thank them, remember that if you go above and beyond, chances are they’ll go above and beyond.

8) Thank your Coach

Even if your Coach gets paid, it is almost guaranteed that they do more than is expected of them. Send them a text, give them a call or write a note. Just say thanks (and know you have made someone very happy).

9) Keep your room tidy

There are two reasons for this. Firstly, a cluttered room often means a cluttered mind and great performances rely on laser sharp focus. Secondly, your parents will really appreciate it. They want to be proud of their home and a messy (smelly?) room does the opposite. So give it a tidy and keep it that (you know it doesn’t take that much effort!).

10) Give your Mom a hug

She probably does more for you than you’ll ever know. She also feels your pain when you’re injured, your despair when you don’t get the result you worked and the disappointment when you don’t get selected when you thought you would. So, the next time you see her, go and give her a massive hug.

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