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Quad save the Queen

QUAD SAVE THE QUEEN: Because Nothing Will Save the Head Referee

Canberra Roller Derby League is excited to present QUAD SAVE THE QUEEN, a colony-wide roller derby tournament on the Queen's Birthday June long weekend (6-8 June) held at the Southern Cross Basketball Stadium. This is CRDL's third tournament in three years––and we're positive it will be the best yet! 

The epic event guarantees two tracks and three days of explosive roller derby from TWELVE teams all across Australia and New Zealand! QSTQ will also employ a knock-out structure rather than tiered, which will give every team an equal chance to the throne...we mean, trophy.

Of the 21 full games, at least 6 will be WFTDA-sanctioned (and there will also be another 12 x 40-minutes games). Additionally, official WFTDA evaluations and testing will be carried out during the tournament. 

As the first event that CRDL has hosted with a strong WFTDA focus, we are very excited to bring together a range of WFTDA and non-WFTDA leagues from across Australia and New Zealand. This is a great opportunity to support the growth of the WFTDA community in our corner of Australasia!

This tournament will be a great introduction to the Australian derby community for CRDL's newest derbutantes. Not only will they be able to spectate and participate alongside their derby brethren in the running of such an event, they will also be undergoing a CRDL rite of passage by participating in the Carnival of Carnage! Affectionately known as CoC, the Carnival of Carnage is a round-robin tournament made up of teams from the newest intake group, bolstered by other CRDL fan favourites not otherwise skating.

Abode Apartments is the exclusive accommodation partner for Quad Save the Queen and will be working with CRDL to provide the best value for our guests. Join our event on Facebook to learn more about the deals available!

Participating teams:

  • Vice City Rollers
  • Vice City B
  • Varsity Roller Derby
  • Richter City Roller Derby (NZ)
  • SRDL Assassins
  • SRDL Snipers
  • South Side Derby Dolls
  • North Side Rollers
  • South Sea Roller Derby
  • Convict City Roller Derby
  • WA Roller Derby
  • Perth Roller Derby

Schedule: d/1poKWHTgkfe9FlLBU2NE0pS8ELQOie9x9-5tgV9sWf2A/edit?usp=sharing 

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