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Officiating Applications NOW OPEN for BATTLE OF THE BENT TRACK 2015!

REFS and NSOs! Applications are now open!

If you're queer, or a supporter of proud flag wavers, we want you! 
Want to be a part of the first Australian Vagine Regime tournament with female, queer, WFTDA certified tournament heads?

Each ref/nso will get 4 games over the two-day tournament that pits QLD, NSW, Victoria, and Team Rainbow against each other. Last year one game went down to ONE point, and the quality of derby is some of the highest you'll find.

Applications close 1st December - make sure you don't miss out!

To apply click here



Have an officiating question? 

Need assistance with rules clarification?

Meet Rubix Krug! With over 4 years reffing experience, and 180 games under his belt, Rubix Krug is here to help you and your crew with any questions you may have.

  • Former Head Referee for Sun State Roller Girls
  • Responsible for training 12 league referees
  • Crew head referee - The Great Southern Slam 2012 (Australian National Tournament)
  • Crew head referee – Tropicarnage Cup 2012 (Queensland Tournament)
  • Multiple international games
  • Assistance as a senior referee with local and national leagues officiating crews
  • Organised and led multiple training boot camps nationally and in New Zealand
  • Head of officiating for Queensland Roller Derby Leagues (QRDL, the organising body for Queensland)
  • Responsible for officials in the South East Queensland Season Matches. Providing training, feedback and mentoring to 25 referees on a monthly basis
  • Liaised with the highest level referee in Australia to organise officials for this year’s Queensland Tournament
  • Working with QRDL committee members to create the best outcome for officials in Queensland
  • Over 4 years’ experience officiating the highest level games in Australia and bringing that experience to officials in the local area
  • A passion for teaching and seeking improvement in all referees

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Photo courtesy of Ashleigh McCulloch.

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