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League Benefits

Roller Derby Australia is recognized as the peak body for Roller Derby within Australia. The organisation acts on behalf of all leagues and members to facilitate the promotion, development and growth of roller derby in Australia.

There are many benefits of becoming members of Roller Derby Australia for your league that far outweigh the costs of joining. If you are ever unsure about these benefits, or want to know more, be sure to speak to our team who are roller derby skaters and understand your derby specific needs first hand.

2015 Club Membership Benefits

Peak Body Affiliation

Your club will be recognized by Roller Derby Australia (RDA) a division of the Skate Australia network, who is the recognized peak body for roller sports in Australia by the Australian Sports Commission and the International Olympic Committee.

RDA acts on behalf of all clubs and members to facilitate the promotion, development and growth of roller derby in Australia, while also ensuring the sport has credibility and legitimacy for current and future government funding and eligibility. RDA continues to recognize the WFTDA as the official standard for Roller Derby in Australia.


Public and Personal Liability Policy offers up to $20 million Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity for committee members, officials and coaches up to $2 million each member.

Grants and Funding

Your league and members will be eligible to apply local and State government funding, grants and individual scholarships only available to clubs affiliated with the national body. Roller Derby Australia will offer assistance and support during the application process.

Staff Support

You will get help and helpful advice from our friendly and knowledgeable Roller Derby Australia team in many areas, including how to set up a new club, Junior Roller Derby, insurance, event sanctioning and membership enquiries.


RDA supports the growth and development of it’s member leagues and members, your club will have access to the marketing and promotional availability on the RDA website and Facebook page.


RDA has implemented a highly functional database that can be utilized by the league for various functions including financial management, online store, website and membership management.  This facility will come with support from the National Office and State Branchs to get clubs up and running.

Coaching Accreditation

Roller Derby Australia is working in conjunction with the RDA Coaching Committee to develop a specific Coaching Accreditation for Roller Derby.  This will be a national accreditation recognized by the Australian Sports Commission. Clubs will be able to access this accreditation to ensure that clubs have access to the latest coaching standards and methods to professionally develop their volunteer coaches while delivering premium coaching to members.

Development Programs

As a Roller Derby Australia member, your club will have access to the development programs developed by Skate Australia and development opportunities that become available. 

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